Film & TV Charity launching pilot CV Clinic

As part of their ongoing support during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Film and TV Charity are introducing a pilot CV Clinic for people facing additional barriers getting back into work.

Based on mental health research they performed last year, they found that Black, Asian and ethnic minority people, LGBTQI+ and disabled workers weren’t feeling well supported by the industry and were impacted significantly more than their white, heterosexual and non-disabled counterparts.  They also found that parents returning to work, those with caring responsibilities and people living outside of London may be facing additional barriers in trying to get back to work.

This CV Clinic intends to address some of these issues.

To begin with, they are looking to support 20 individuals, with priority given to those outside London (where appropriate).

To get the full details, and check if you meet the criteria required to apply, visit their website at