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Media Academy Courses for 2023!

Media Academy Cymru have four exciting new opportunities at MAC for young people aged 16-25 starting at the end of January 2023.

Applying for a MAC on Track course is simple. Students can either enrol by following the relevant links below, or they can contact Sarah from MAC directly at: [email protected].

Key Information

- All of our courses are FREE

- Our training courses are available to young people aged 16-25

- Students attend 3.5 - 4 days per week 9am-4pm

- No previous experience or qualifications are required

- Location: Columbus Walk, Cardiff, just a 10-minute walk from Cardiff Central train station / Barry Campus for Digital Photography

- Start date January/February 2023

- End date: July 2023

The Courses on Offer

1. Digital Photography (BTEC Level 1) Barry Campus more at: MAC on Track - Digital Photography - Cardiff and Vale College (

2. Documentary Film Making (BTEC Level 2) Cardiff. This course will be taught by award winning documentary filmmaker, Jay Bedwani. More at: MAC on Track - Documentary Film Making - Cardiff and Vale College (

3. Game Design (BTEC Level 1) Cardiff. More at: Mac on Track - An Introduction to Game Design - Cardiff and Vale College (

4. Art & Design (BTEC Level 1) Cardiff. More at: MAC on Track - An Introduction to Art and Design - Cardiff and Vale College (

Why Choose MAC?

- Our students study at MAC HQ, rather than the large city centre campus, which many students prefer.

- Our learning environment is relaxed, nurturing and inclusive.

- We prioritise student well-being

- Our class sizes are small (16 students max)

- We especially welcome applications from students who have been unable to access similar opportunities elsewhere, are at risk of social exclusion, and are not in education, training or employment.

- Another unique selling point for MAC is that we have industry experts teaching on the courses and we are developing pathways into the creative industries. Therefore, students who complete courses with us, will have support moving onto further education or the world of work.

- Our students not only achieve BTEC qualifications but, more importantly, they produce portfolios of work, which they are able to use to demonstrate their skills and potential to future employers and/or colleges/universities. Our students also learn relevant practical and creative skills.

Some of our students who already access training through MAC say:"I love the fact that our tutors are experts and teach from their first hand experience" "If it wasn't for MAC, I would have had to put my studying on hold. I prefer being in a smaller space away from the hustle and bustle."  "I have learned loads at MAC and my confidence has really grown. There is always someone to talk to and everyone is really friendly. I love it here."

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