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Trainee Tuesday - Razvan

We love to catch up with former trainees that came through Screen Alliance Wales to see how they're getting on. We are proud to say that many of our trainees go on to have incredibly successful careers in the Film and TV industry. Each week, we will introduce you to a former trainee now working in the media. This week, its Razvan!

Razvan graduated from University of South Wales having studied BA in Film in 2018. He travelled back home to Romania over that summer with the intention that he would return to Wales in order to begin his career in the film and TV industry. After working in retail for a short while, he came in for one week on His Dark Materials Season 2 for some work shadowing. Razvan created such a good impression on SAW that when an opportunity came up for a production trainee in April 2019, Raz was the first person we thought of!

Through this role, he got the opportunity to speak with a number of departments within the building and got to see first-hand the inner workings of how a TV show is created. Whilst working on the production, he was approached by VFX studio Painting Practice who offered him the chance to become a studio assistant for them, a role Razvan accepted straight away as he has always had an interest in VFX work.

Raz started out work shadowing and got the chance to speak to people in different departments
He is now Production Co-ordinator/Junior CG Artist at Painting Practice!

Unfortunately, when the pandemic hit, Razvan had to leave the role. He used his time at home well though, teaching himself VFX skills through Google and YouTube videos. Whilst in lockdown, SAW’s Allison managed to find Razvan a place at Bait Studios as a production co-ordinator. As more productions started up again, Razvan returned once more to Painting Practice where he still works now as a Production Co-ordinator/Junior CG Artist. By utilising the time he had during lockdown positively, Razvan taught himself invaluable skills that have helped him immensely in his current role.

The advice he would give to others looking for work in this area is to be nice! Productions are collaborative efforts and need everyone to be as friendly and approachable as they can. He also recommends keeping your mind open as you never know what might spark your interest. Razvan’s initial career plan was to become a director, but by exploring the vast number of roles available he has found a different career that he is passionate about.

A huge thanks to Razvan for taking time out to speak with us!

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