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June 2023 Newsletter - start of article

June 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to Screen Alliance Wales June Newsletter

After another busy month here at SAW, we are pleased to bring you another round up of all our news and updates.

Firstly, if you haven’t done so already, we would like to encourage you to create a profile on our website (here). This is an incredible place to showcase any credits, skills, and links to previous work. It also keeps you up to date with all vacancies that we advertise and automatically signs you up to our newsletter. If you already have an account on our directory, do make sure to keep all your details updated with you most up to date information.


As always, we would like to start off by highlighting all the opportunities that are currently available over on our vacancies page. This is regularly updated, so make sure to keep checking the page on our website here. With more roles available before, now is such a great time to explore the varied roles that are on offer to join the booming Film and TV industry in Wales.

The following vacancies are available on our website:

Bad Wolf is seeking a Production Coordinator.

Wildflame Productions are seeking a Head of Production.

The Forge are seeking Trainee Roles in:

• Art

• Props

• Production

• Hair & Make-up

• Costume

• Camera

• Sound

• Locations

Wales Millennium Centre are seeking:

Casual F&B Supervisor

Technical Apprentice (12-Month FTC)

Human Resources Administrator

Casual Commissionaire (Security Guard)

Stage Technician (Electric)

4WOOD are seeking a Buyer.

Facilities by ADF are seeking a Sustainability Manager.

Boom Cymru are seeking an Access Producer.

Real SFX have opportunities for Special Effects Technicians.

Cinematic are seeking Dialogue Editor/ Dubbing Mixer.

Sponsors and Supporters:

The work we carry out is only made possible by the fantastic contributions from our wonderful Sponsors and Supporters. Here’s what they have been up to this month…

Bad Wolf:

BAFTA award winner Lenny Rush (Am I Being Unreasonable, A Christmas Carol) has been announced to play ‘Morris’ in Doctor Who this month, a brilliant new cast member to join the team through their exciting adventures.

A very exciting return for Bonnie Langford as she’s stepping back into the exciting world of Doctor Who once again. Welcome back, we can’t wait to see what’s to come!

BAFTA awarding winning actor Lenny Rush joins the cast of Doctor Who
Bonnie Langford's return to Doctor Who is announced

I Hate Suzie Too has been shortlisted for ‘Best Drama Programme’ at Broadcast Digital Awards 2023, a fabulous nomination for a brilliant show. Best of Luck!

An exciting announcement from Bad Wolf, as they’ve announced ‘Red Eye’ a six-part thriller will be hitting the screens of ITVX, starring the talented Jing Lusi and Richard Armitage.

I Hate Suzie Too has been shortlisted for Best Drama Programme at the Broadcast Digital Awards
Six part thriller 'Red Eye' has been announced with ITVX

ADF Facilities:

Amazing work happening at ADF Facilities this month, as they are driving their commitment to evolving the accessibility of Film and TV Unit Bases. Well done all, very important work to make the Film and TV Industry accessible to all.

If you’d like to read the full article head to:

Location One:

Location One are making waves in sustainability as you can now hire the ‘Eco Pod’ for your Productions. It’s a brilliant invention to help reduce waste and encourage sustainability on productions. They’ve worked with different regional waste partners to make sure that all your productions waste is going to the right place.

Check out the demonstration video here:

Mad Dog 2020 Casting:

They are thrilled to share an exciting update from Mad Dog 2020 Casting. Recently, they had the pleasure of welcoming two trainees, Zelo and Nanet, from us here at SAW. They embarked on a journey to explore their passions within the dynamic world of the film and TV industry. Over the course of their visit, we provided them with a diverse range of tasks, aiming to offer a comprehensive understanding of every role in a supporting artist agency.

Zelo, in particular, discovered a love for the casting process and the creativity found in the marketing department of an agency. Intrigued by these aspects, Zelo has decided to delve deeper into both avenues.

They are delighted to share that Zelo is currently working with Mad Dog 2020 on a month-long internship programme focused on casting and marketing in a supporting artist agency. Zelo's energy and enthusiasm have been contagious, approaching each task with a positive attitude and showcasing exceptional dedication. Additionally, Zelo has been put forward for some extra work by our team and has even secured a feature role. It's truly gratifying to witness his growth as he flourishes in both the agency's environment and on-set as a supporting artist.

We are committed to supporting young talent and helping individuals discover their true passion within the film and TV industry. We congratulate Zelo on his achievements thus far and look forward to supporting him as he continues

Wolf Pack Zelo

Cardiff Commitment:

Incredible work from Cardiff Commitment and the Curriculum Team again this month, as they’ve secured a visit from 4Schools, Channel 4’s education arm, to support learners at Cardiff West High School. On 30th June, over 150 learners benefited from industry expertise in their ‘Have a Go’ workshops. This being the first 4Schools even to run in Wales! Great stuff all.

Entertainment Partners:

Entertainment Partners are holding Free Academy Courses on some incredible topics, such as Production Finance Studio, Production Management Studio courses and many more. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn all and to gain some information from experts.

If you’d like to sign up, or see what courses available head are to:

Sgil Cymru:

Sgil Cymru have recently recruited 7 new CRIW apprentices, 3 in South Wales and 4 in North Wales! Congratulations to Ella Taylor, Jack Osman-Byrne, Jason Barnes Cai Pritchard, Cynan Roberts, Fiorella Wyn Roberts and Huw Ellis Hughes.

The CRIW apprentices in North Wales, along with 60 marshals from the Sgil Cymru location marshal workshop held last month, have begun working on a secret Warner Bros Discovery Production in North Wales. We’re excited to hear all about this top-secret project!

Sgil Cymru's 7 new Criw Apprentices

Screen Academies:

A big welcome to Verity and Thomas as they join the Screen Academies team as the new Screen Academies Officers. They’ll be getting involved with local communities and holding workshops and events throughout the summer and beyond. They’re already off to a brilliant start as they’ve attended Careers Wales Fair, The CAVC Careers Day and the Careers Session at UWTSD.

New Screen Academy Officers Tom and Verity

Women in Film and TV Event:

We had the pleasure of hosting the Women in Film and TV: In Person Networking event, in partnership with Entertainment Partners & Screen Alliance Wales. An incredible event with talks from Jane Tranter (CEO Bad Wolf) and Vicki Delow (Producer). Thank you to all that attended, it was great to see you all there!

Vicki Delow, Jane Tranter and Allison Dowzell at the Women in Film and TV Event

Creative Wales Event:

A brilliant event held at The Depot this month by Creative Wales. We were lucky to pop down and see all the amazing talent in Wales and hear from Bad Wolf’s CEO Jane Tranter as she took to the stage to discuss the past, present, and future of Bad Wolf- very exciting things to come! Elliot Gibbins from the Creature Effects department on His Dark Materials was there showing off some of the brilliant puppets from the show. We as SAW headed down and gave people the chance to try out some VR and SFX Make-up. It was a brilliant day and thank you to all those who stopped by.

Puppets and Costumes from His Dark Materials
SAW's stand at Creative Wales Event
Jane Tranter, CEO Bad Wolf speaking at the Creative Wales Event

Welcome our Wolf Pack:

We are so thrilled to announce that with funding from Bad Wolf and Sony Pictures Television we’ve been able to increase the Screen Alliance Wales team with the addition of our four new Wolf Pack Trainees, please welcome Zelo, Hammy, Salma and Nenet to the SAW family.

Find out all about our fabulous four head to:

Zelo, Hammy, Salma and Nenet outside Wolf Studios Wales

De Paul University visit:

We had some exciting visitors from across the pond fly into our classroom this month. The lovely students from Chicago had a fun filled morning learning about His Dark Materials, SAW and Bad Wolf, and then topped it all off with a talk from Steffan Morris, Production Executive and Hannah Raybould Senior Corporate Operations Executive at Bad Wolf. It was great to share all the amazing things Wales has to offer in the TV/Film industry and hear all about their time as they explore Cardiff. Best of luck to you all, we hope you loved Wales as much as we do!

De Paul University, Chicago and Steffan Morris, Production Executive at Bad Wolf outside Wolf Studios Wales

Script Workshops:

We were very lucky this month, to not only have one Script workshop, but two! A big thank you to Zina Wegrzynski, (Freelance Script Writer) as she talked about the exciting world of TV Drama scriptwriting across 3 days.

Thanks again to Sophie Peacock (Script Editor at Bad Wolf) as she had an amazing turn out for her Script Editing workshop, taking us through her career and giving us a wonderful insight in the role of Script Editor.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting workshops in the future!

Launching our Tik Tok:

Some very exciting news from us this month, as we have launched our Tik Tok account. Amani, Zelo and Nenet have been working hard to create some great content, so keep your eye out on Instagram and Tik Tok for their new series ‘Pick your Brain’ along with some videos!


A big celebration from us, University of South Wales, and The Curriculum Team for Cardiff Council as we’ve successfully ran the third Screen 4 Schools events. This taking it to 1,116 Cardiff learners who benefitted from the industry support on the project in 2023. It was a blast to be a part of, and loved seeing the amazing work the learners came up with. We can’t wait to do it all over again soon!

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date on all the latest news and vacancies.   

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