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Spotlight Feature - Matt Bowring: Good Body Stuff

There are many different contributing factors when creating a TV show before you see the finished product on screen. A variety of people and departments each use their unique skills and expertise to assist each production. We spoke with Matthew Bowring, founder of Good Body Stuff, to tell us more about the important role he has within the film and tv industry.

The film and television industry can be a very stressful place to work, with long and sometimes difficult hours. Matt works with his clients in ensuring that both their physical and mental health are cared for. Through a number of services, including personal training, massage, physio, and sports massage, Good Body Stuff work hard to ensure that their clients receive all the assistance they require in order to stay in shape whilst maintaining good mental health.

Matt has been a personal trainer for 15 years now, starting his journey working with the public in a number of gyms, with the intention that one day he would open his own. Through a contact, he was put in touch with Bad Wolf CEO Jane Tranter, and things really got going from there. Matt has now worked with cast and crew on several productions including Bad Wolf’s His Dark Materials, BBC’s Doctor Who, and Disney’s epic new show Willow.

Good Body Stuff services include, massage, companion services, Ju Jitsu classes, and several more
Matt, Emma and Ben from Good Body Stuff provide a range of services for the Film and TV industry

Matt always ensures that there is an open dialogue between him and his clients. When working with actors, they often have an idea about what they (and their character) want to look like. Matt will work with them, combining exercise, diet and physio to achieve these body goals. This can be very beneficial for performers when working on a production that requires their character to have a particular presence or gravitas. The physicality of acting mustn’t go overlooked and is an important factor in the craft.

Good Body Stuff also offer Brazilian Ju Jitsu classes from a trained fight coach. This helps actors with fight scenes and prepares them for the physicality of filming sequences such as these. Another service that Matt and his team provide is companion services. The life on an actor can be quite isolating, especially during Covid. Matt feels that this type of service would be a valuable tool for nearly any production. In this role, Matt helps his clients with breath work, yoga and physical fitness whilst utilising his skills as a trained chef to cook healthy meals to assist in a healthier mind and lifestyle. His studio also acts as a ‘safe space’ for people in the public eye that need a private and relaxed environment to unwind from the pressures that filming brings.    

A huge thank you to Matt for taking the time out to speak with us. To learn more about Good Body Stuff, make sure to follow them on social media - @goodbodystuffuk and check out their website

Matt @nuuperformance

Emma @Emma_theself

Ben @spudjitsu

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