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The Spotlight's on: Jac Cox- From Work Shadowing to Assistant Buyer. - start of article

The Spotlight's on: Jac Cox- From Work Shadowing to Assistant Buyer.

Today, the spotlight's on Jac Cox, Assistant Buyer!

We met Jac a few years back, and we're very happy to catch up with him and see what his journeys been like since we last saw him.

S: Thanks for talking with us Jac. Can you tell me about how you first got involved with SAW?

J: I got involved more or less by chance in the beginning. I was on the lookout for an opportunity to get involved in Television and Film after I had finished University and heard about SAW through word of mouth. I got in contact and Sarah was able to organise a work experience placement with the Art Department at Wolf Studios Wales whilst HDM Season 2 was being produced.

S: What were you doing before you got involved with SAW?

J: Before I got involved I was working two part-time jobs (as a receptionist in a physiotherapist clinic and delivering bread for an independent bakery). I was doing my best to find any opportunity to gain some experience working in film and tv and don't think there would have been a better organisation than SAW to facilitate that for me.

S: So, tell us about your journey so far.

J: I started as an Art Department assistant but soon transitioned to set decoration, this concerned more of the cosmetic elements of set building and I then realised this was where my skills were going to be best put to use. I've been part of a number of set decoration and prop teams in the years since, both here in Cardiff and periodically in London as well.

S: Sounds like you've had a great time so far, what are you doing now?

J: I'm now working at Bad Wolf again in the same office where it all started for me, and I'm having the privilege of meeting and working with some very creative and exceptionally talented people.

S: Your day to day life must be crazy, can you tell us what your average day looks like to you?

J: Each day is different depending on the specific needs related to the timeline of the production. The core function of our department [as I understand it] is researching and sourcing the right props* and making sure they appear in the right place at the right time in accordance with the requirements of the production. The average day could include visiting 3 different fabric shops to find and purchase a pair of curtains that harmonise with the armchair in the window of a living room, or it could involve trawling through eBay to find an outboard motor that one might have [theoretically] used to drive a dinghy in the 1930s off a Hebridean island (just to give some examples). Any practical task is only necessitated by a considerable degree of communication among colleagues within the department and beyond.  

* Props being short for 'property', or just 'things' 'stuff' 'objects' that have a correlation with the narrative of the production.

S: It sounds like your role varies- but thrilling no doubt! Do you have any advice for someone getting into the industry?

J: Have fun!

S: So Jac, what's the goal for the future/dream role?

J: My goal for the future is to implement as much creativity as possible into what I do whilst still getting the job done to the highest standard.

S: Thanks for stopping by Jac, we look forward to seeing your journey blossom.

Jac Cox, Assistant Buyer

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