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Welcome Entertainment Partners!

This month, we are delighted to announce that Entertainment Partners has become one of our official sponsors. With the industry continuing to expand in Wales, and with the legacy of Entertainment Partners speaking volumes, we believe that this is a perfect partnership, which represents Entertainment Partners' continued investment in the next generation of production professionals, specifically those in the Welsh Film and TV industry. 

 Entertainment Partners  has been a trusted production partner to the entertainment industry for over 45 years. As a global leader in entertainment payroll, production finance and production management solutions, they deliver integrated, cloud-based digital solutions to support every phase of production. 

Entertainment Partners’ team of experts have decades of experience in the entertainment industry providing rich insights on global and domestic incentives, workers compensation, healthcare, labour issues, and regulatory compliance. And Entertainment Partners brings together background casting and digital production technology with the Casting Portal, the leading SaaS-based platform that has transformed the way background actors are found, booked, managed and paid, and the iconic and legendary Central Casting. In the UK, Entertainment Partners has a team of 200+ (and growing) across Product, Engineering, Service & Support, Tax and Accounting Services.

This new partnership reflects Entertainment Partners' ongoing commitment to supporting and growing the entertainment industry across the UK, and we are, of course, delighted to have them on board. We look forward to working with you!

 To find out more about Entertainment Partners, head to their website here.

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