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Former SAW trainees awarded the Prince William BAFTA Bursary - start of article

Former SAW trainees awarded the Prince William BAFTA Bursary

At Screen Alliance Wales, we always like to keep in touch with our former trainees and see how well they are doing in their careers after leaving us so we could not be more proud to announce that two of our trainees have been awarded the Prince William BAFTA Bursary. This fund has been created by BAFTA to `help assist junior creatives with the costs of progressing their career in film, television or games.”

We were delighted to be able to put forward both Anson and Kudzai for the bursary. Anson joined us on the third season of `His Dark Materials’ last year as a Sound Trainee’ and he did brilliantly well. Originally from Caerphilly, Anson studied Audio Production at the University of Lincoln. He became a valuable member of the team here at the studios but he now wants to progress his career by becoming a `one man sound department’. This bursary will allow to him to purchase his own equipment which will help him branch out into independent films and professional shorts.

Kudzai joined us here last year on our latest production. After previously having some experience running on smaller commercials, she became our Camera Trainee and did fantastically well! This bursary will allow her to learn to drive, meaning she will be able to be able to get to and from location shoots much more easily, which will help her progress her career no end.

We are immensely proud of all our trainees at SAW and we are just grateful to BAFTA that we get to shine a light on these two. Well done, Anson and Kudzai!

Congratulations Anson!
Well done on the much deserved bursary Kudzai!

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