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Introduction by Jane Tranter

“When we decided to base Bad Wolf in Cardiff, our belief was that Wales had the locations, crew and supply chain to cope with the biggest and most prestigious productions that Bad Wolf had the ambition to make. We knew we would not - and could not - do this without growing and nurturing the talent we have in Wales.

To achieve the aim that all local people, irrespective of their economic or ethnic background, should have access to well paid local jobs 365 days a year, without being dependent on having prior connections to the industry, Bad Wolf set up Screen Alliance Wales to train production crews for these new jobs and build up Wales’ infrastructure.

SAW offers a unique service, working with children from the age of nine in the classroom in school or at the studio to welcoming people from all ages on production whether it’s a professional, training or work shadowing placements. Since SAW’s inception they have worked with over 10000 people opening up opportunities and pathways to achieving Bad Wolf’s vision of a sustainable workforce in Wales”

Jane Tranter, CEO Bad Wolf

SAW - Education

The Screen Alliance Wales Education and Training initiative aims to raise awareness of the opportunities available to young people in the film and TV industry. From schoolchildren searching for inspiration, to college and university students looking for valuable experience to match their skills and knowledge, we provide professional expertise and experienced advice in our portal. If you’ve got the ambition, then SAW, in partnership with Bad Wolf, and other production companies will provide the inspiration.

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Breaking Barriers with Bad Wolf

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SAW - Training

It’s time to strip away the mystery of working in the film and TV industry. A broad range of skills are required for every production – from accountants to prop makers, costume designers to set decorators. The Screen Alliance Wales training project aims to provide inspiration and focus for all people who want to develop knowledge, skills and contacts to prepare them for careers in the film and TV industry.

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Tom Ware

Director in Production and Performance

University of South Wales

What people have said

"After being in the industry for a while, I have rarely worked outside Wales, I have been really lucky. So many productions here are enticing people to come to Wales, they know there are professional crew members here."

Dan McGowan

Head Of Film


What people have said

"Each time we have worked with Screen Alliance Wales it has been a joy. Sarah, Bethan and Allison’s passion and commitment are extraordinary and that comes across in all the sessions they run or organise. And for our learning disabled and/or autistic actors, the workshops have been hugely stimulating and extremely rewarding –the chance to explore the fantastic sets at Wolf Studios has been the very exciting icing on the cake!"

John Lawton

Regional Director/Head of TV Drama


What people have said

“SAW have really helped in making Wales the go to place for High End Drama. This is on the back of an already established drama base but SAW have pushed it that much further “

Marsden Proctor

Managing Director

Facilities by ADF

What people have said

“To be able to work with an organisation that has a core ethos in educating and inspiring young people to work within the creative industries in Wales, helps us as a company. Not only does this assist in our pipeline of bringing on new talent to work with us, but it also provides a huge benefit to the productions looking to film in Wales.”

Gareth Skelding

Location Manager

Location Solutions

What people have said

“The team at Screen Alliance Wales have vast in-depth knowledge about the TV & Film industry and that leaves them the perfect people to give guidance and placement opportunities to young filmmakers. It gives us as Industry professionals confidence that the trainees attached to our departments come with the enthusiasm and willingness to progress within their selected fields”

Key Partners

Logo for Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf is an ambitious production company, based in Wales. Founded by Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner, its purpose is to create drama with global reach, to establish a sustainable centre of excellence and to build worldwide momentum for the film and TV industry in Wales. Having provided the creative spark to bring Dr Who, Torchwood, Sherlock, Merlin and Casualty to Wales, productions attracted to Wales include Da Vinci’s Demons, The Bastard Executioner, Will and The Collection. Having won an Emmy for The Night Of, Bad Wolf has produced Sky One’s new fantasy series A Discovery of Witches and is currently working on the BBC adaptation of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials.

University of South Wales

USW is a major player in UK higher education and has a reputation for delivering excellence through its film and TV courses. It has campuses in Cardiff, Pontypridd and Newport and is renowned for its partnerships with employers across the creative industries. The University’s expertise in film making and the reputation of their alumni is widely acknowledged. Many staff members are award-winning film makers who continue to work in the industry. SAW is the lead partner in USW’s Film & TV School Wales, which provides students with many unique opportunities to build a successful career in 21st century screen industries.

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