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SAW Reaches 100 Trainees

At Screen Alliance Wales, we are delighted to have reached a new milestone recently with the addition of our 100th trainee! And we couldn’t be more pleased that it was Salma Salah.  We first met Salma two years ago when she was studying for her A Levels in Fitzalan High School, Cardiff and what a journey she has been on since then.  After completing a Media A Level, she discovered a passion for camera and so we were more than happy to provide her with a day’s work shadowing on the final season of `His Dark Materials’.  Salma loved her time with team and her drive to work in camera was confirmed.

Alongside the Welsh Documentary Support Network, we ran a series of documentary making workshops in the local communities which Salma attended in order to learn how to create, produce and edit her own documentary which Salma thoroughly enjoyed and definitely impressed Angela, a freelance documentary maker who delivered the course.

Salma also came along to several of our outreach events and careers carousel days. Then, last June, after attending a recruitment event for the High-End TV production, `Black Cake’, Salma was successful in gaining a Camera Traineeship with the Camera department.  She spent 6 months as part of the crew, learning and gaining experience on a major American production.  That is quite the learning curve!

Recently, Salma was lucky enough to gain a day’s training with Sunbelt who provide cameras and camera equipment for a number of TV and Film productions.  Andy from Sunbelt very kindly provided Salma with an update on all the latest cameras, lenses and kit that every Camera team needs. 

Then, this month, we welcomed Salma back to the Screen Alliance Wales family when she became our 100th trainee after joining the wonderful Camera team on production here at Wolf Studios Wales. She has thrown herself into set life and has already become a valued member of the team!  We can’t wait to see where she takes her career next. Well done, Salma.  It is a pleasure to have you back and we are so happy that our 100th trainee is someone as lovely, hardworking and dedicated as you!

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