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Iris Prize Podcast – new episodes available! - start of article

Iris Prize Podcast – new episodes available!

Iris Prize Podcast – new episodes available!

Best British Filmmakers talk about producing films, the LGBTQ+ community and anything that takes their fancy! Watch their films on All4 then discover more about the storytellers   

Cardiff based Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival has released details about the new episodes of the Iris Prize Podcasts as Berwyn, Erykah, and Robert chat in-depth with the 2021 Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival Best British filmmakers. Life, movies, and everything in between are discussed as our podcasters get to know the filmmakers and their films.

Available on Spotify:

Iris Prize has recently started a podcast that focuses on the 15 films included in the ‘Best British’ category at Iris 2021 and gives an insight into the lives of the filmmakers, the process of making their films, their experiences with Iris, and any other projects that they’re working on. If you haven’t seen the films yet, you can watch them online on All4 by searching ‘Iris Prize’. 

From what it’s like to work with Stephen Graham, to why you shouldn’t feel afraid to say the word ‘Lesbian’, the podcast covers a range of topics related to both the film industry and the LGBTQ+ community and is the perfect introduction to Iris and what it is all about! 

Each episode is around 30 minutes long, hosted by either Berwyn, Robert or Erykah. They’re a lot of fun to listen to and include lots of behind-the-scenes info about the films and the festival.

The podcast is available on most podcast providers as ‘Iris Prize Podcast’, as well as on Spotify:

If you want to learn more about Iris, or are interested in attending Iris 2022, Iris are on Instagram and Twitter: @IrisPrize, or you can find the Iris website here:

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