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Behind the Scenes Week - Kudzai - start of article

Behind the Scenes Week - Kudzai

For the final day of the Film and TV Charity ‘Behind the Scenes Week’ we are literally turning the camera round to highlight camera trainee Kudzai! We had a chat with her about her journey so far.

Hi Kudzai! Thank you for chatting with us. What were you doing before starting work in the industry?

Before starting in the industry, I already became familiar with the BFI Film Academy, an organisation that promotes young people learning to become filmmakers. After completing my A levels, I took the educational route by studying a bachelor’s degree in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies. However, after finding that it wasn't the right fit for me, I decided to take time away from education and work in hospitality. During this time, I had been working in Television Commercials and Short Films across Bristol.

What gave you your first break into the industry?

My first break came years after building experience. Gaining contacts from other members of the industry through the British Film Institute, but what had finally given me a break into television was the Screen Alliance Wales traineeship opportunity that allowed me to work on Bad Wolf's most recent production as a camera trainee. Prior to that, I had experience working as a camera trainee on an independent feature film and returned to hospitality since then. So after getting accepted on a 3 month traineeship with SAW, I had been able to learn under an experienced team what it means to be a Camera Trainee. What is it you do now?

Currently, I am a Camera Trainee across High End TV Productions based in South Wales and Bristol. I have now moved onto my second television job as a B Camera Trainee - excited to continue developing my career on set and learn a lot more! What advice would you give to someone who was looking to start this career path?

My advice would be to be to have fun standing out! Being able to show you're good at your job is one thing but making yourself memorable in a highly competitive industry has its bonuses. People in your team won't forget your acts of kindness or the lengths you go to in order to make sure their time is smooth on set or even your level of curiosity to what they do. It’s even the little things that can get you recommended or brought onto your next job. That doesn't mean you have to be a crazy extrovert, just show you're willing to learn, go the extra mile and enjoy yourself while you can!

Thank you so much Kudzai! We also want to say congratulations to Kudzai on being awarded the Prince William BAFTA bursary earlier in the year! We hope that is helps you greatly with all of your future endeavours.

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