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Spotlight Feature - Square Peg

Square Peg are a Wales-Based creative design studio that provides multiple services for some of the biggest productions for film and television; including Hair, Make up and Prosthetic design. Their work has been seen in Star Wars, Havoc, Industry, The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, and many more, working in multiple genres and across several platforms. Due to the nature of media production no two projects are alike, meaning the team at Square Peg must posses a wide variety of skills and abilities to ensure that they cater to the needs of each production. This could mean creating period-accurate looks for historical dramas one project then extravagant other worldly aliens for the next!

Square Peg work closely with their clients throughout each stage of a project to ensure that their bespoke creations fit the briefs they are given. This could be from the earliest script discussions, right up until filming finishes on a shoot. They also provide Life Casting services as well as design packages, offering concept art and designs. As well as these services, the talented Square Peg team are also available to professionally apply prosthetics themselves, as well as a dedicated make-up and hair department (made up of freelance and in house artists) who are also professionally trained to deliver the highest quality services to productions.

Two classic villains from the show, a Sontaran and a Weeping Angel
'Swarm' before and after
A collection of Sontaran masks used for filming
Concept art for 'Azure'

Most recently, Square Peg have been involved with the incredible Doctor Who: Flux series that aired at the end of last year on BBC One, creating some of the most unique and memorable new villains the show has seen in years, whilst also breathing new life into some of the Doctor’s oldest foes (see above). The exquisite detail that went into this production is jaw dropping, with their prosthetics work causing social media hype even before the show aired! They have also finished work on the upcoming Netflix film Havoc and are looking forward to seeing their work on screen once again in the near future.

Square Peg share our passion and dedication for ensuring that the next generation of film and TV talent is nurtured through the education of their workforce and, by taking on their own trainees and delivering lectures and workshops globally, they are supporting young creatives to ensure a thriving workforce in this area in the future.  We can’t wait to work with them on the upcoming workshops they are delivering for us here at Screen Alliance Wales! To learn more about Square Peg, head over to their website here and make sure to follow them on social media to keep up with their latest news. 

Instagram - @squarepeg_official

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