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Wales Documentary Support Network

A Screen Alliance Wales & Wheesht Films partnership, made with the support of the BFI Doc Society Fund.

Wales Documentary Support Network is a multi-stage project comprising on-line and face to-face activities designed to identify, support, engage, elevate and educate the existing cohort of documentary filmmakers in Wales, as well as encourage new documentary enthusiasts into the industry too. The project is a joint partnership between Wheest Films, and Screen Alliance Wales. Click here to learn more about Wheesht Films.  

The Ripple Effect Fund aims to make an impact on the non-fiction sector from the ground up. With 10 organisations across the UK receiving this funding, this will enable and empower existing communities and networks to foster supportive and inclusive spaces for independent U.K. documentary makers at a grassroots level. Focused on collaborative ideas that support underrepresented communities, documentary storytellers and reaching diverse audiences, the fund aims to amplify the work of grassroots nonfiction champions. It will kickstart documentary-focused ideas and activities, boosting connectivity for documentary filmmakers across the U.K.

Offering a comprehensive range of free services to documentary filmmakers, from novices though to established filmmakers, the Wales Documentary Support Network hopes to connect Welsh documentary talent with their peers and provide stronger support to the community by offering filmmakers the opportunity to register their details onto a centralised database, as well as gain access to private online peer support groups and free digital master classes. 

In addition, the Wales Documentary Support Network will also seek to offer support, encouragement and opportunities via bespoke inclusive workshops to targeted cohorts of the underserved communities within Wales looking to engage in the world of documentary filmmaking.

Monthly Online Café

If you want to hear more about our project, then pop along to our monthly café, or sign up on our online database, and we can keep you up to date with what’s happening with the project (here), by sending you monthly invites. And if you want, you can join our private peer group chat too! 


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