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USW visits 'The Winter King'

The Winter King Set Tour

Bad Wolf have shared the exciting news that their adaptation of Bernard Cornwall’s Arthurian legend `The Winter King’ will be aired exclusively on ITVX in 2023. The Winter King will follow a revised version of the legendary Arthur Pendragon, following his journey of becoming a warrior and leader. They have also revealed the cast for the show including Stuart Campbell, Ellie James, Eddie Marsan and Iain De Caestecker taking up the lead as Arthur Pendragon himself.

With all these fantastic announcements, now seems like a good time for Screen Alliance Wales to say a huge thank you to `The Winter King’ for allowing us to welcome 55 students from University of South Wales to Bristol to visit their amazing sets. The students, who are currently studying either Set Design, Film and Production and Media experienced an industry workshop and a tour of amazing sets!

It was great to see some of the amazing sets that are being built for the show
We are thrilled to have seen such an amazing turn out from USW!

The first group of Set Design students were lucky enough to meet The Winter King's Production Designer, James North, who gave the group a personalised tour and provided them with information and an insight into his design process, from the initial research stage through to completion.

Finally, all of the students in attendance received a talk from Bad Wolf's Executive Producer Lachlan MacKinnon who answered their questions and informed the students of what his role entails, the challenges he is faced with as Executive Producer, and also how the industry is changing to become a more sustainable one. The day was a huge success, and the students thoroughly enjoyed their day! Thank you so much to everyone who made this happen!

Stay tuned on Bad Wolf’s social media channels to keep up with all the exclusive news from this exciting production!

Bad Wolf Executive Producer Lachlan MacKinnon answering questions from the students
A huge thank you to Bad Wolf for hosting this tour for us

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