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John Giwa-Amu becomes a member of the Screen Alliance Wales Board - start of article

John Giwa-Amu becomes a member of the Screen Alliance Wales Board

We are very pleased to welcome renowned producer John Giwa-Amu to the Screen Alliance Wales board. He has been an active supporter of SAW for a number of years, and we’re thrilled to have him as part of our team. John is a producer who runs production, distribution and financing for Welsh production company ‘Red and Black Films’, not to mention having a whole host of other credits to his name. Red and Black Films is now a multi award-winning production company that creates high-end television drama, interactive movies and documentaries working alongside huge production companies such as Universal pictures.

More recently, John has also been heading up Cardiff-based production company Good Gate Media. Since its creation in 2018, Good Gate media have focused on creating powerful and innovative interactive story games, a new and exciting area for digital entertainment.

Upon is appointment of the new role, John said that he is “very happy to have become a board member of Screen Alliance Wales and looking forward to helping the sector in any way [he] can”. We are very happy to have John on board and can’t wait to work alongside him for many years to come.

SAW’s Allison Dowzell worked with John very early on in his career, helping him out recce locations for his first successful feature film and has since gone on to do incredible things in the industry. His journey has come full circle and we are so pleased he is supporting us now. Thank you John, and a very warm welcome to the Screen Alliance Wales board.

The incredibly talented Producer, John Giwa-Amu with his wife Sarah
We are thrilled that John is now a member of the Screen Alliance Wales Board!

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