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February Newsletter - start of article

February Newsletter

Welcome to Screen Alliance Wales February Newsletter

After another busy month here at SAW, we are pleased to bring you another round up of all our news and updates.

Firstly, if you haven’t done so already, we would like to encourage you to create a profile on our website (here). This is an incredible place to showcase any credits, skills, and links to previous work. It also keeps you up to date with all vacancies that we advertise and automatically signs you up to our newsletter. If you already have an account on our directory, do make sure to keep all your details updated with you most up to date information.


As always, we would like to start off by highlighting all the opportunities that are currently available over on our vacancies page. This is regularly updated, so make sure to keep checking the page on our website here. With more roles available before, now is such a great time to explore the varied roles that are on offer to join the booming Film and TV industry in Wales.

The following vacancies are available on our website:

Bad Wolf is seeking a

- Legal Trainee

- Script Editor

Ffilm Cymru, Spring Films and Penbryn Film are seeking a Trainee Impact Producer


We'd like to highlight the current events posted on our events page, this is regularly updated by many different companies. You can keep up to date with our events page, here.

-Foot in the Door: Intro to Film and TV- 4th March- 7th March

-Cafe Cult: Profedigaeth / Bereavement - 7th March

-Cyflwyniad i Pitch Deck / Introduction to Pitch Deck - John Yorke Story - 9th March

-How to be a Greenlancer - 9th March

-Industry Panel- Part of BBC Bring The Drama - 13th March

-Foot in the Door: Creative Connections - 14th March

-How to be a Greenlancer - 20th March

-Noson Rhwydweithio Adran Wisgoedd / Costume Department Networking Event - 22nd March

-Actio i Gamera / Acting to Camera - James Larkin - 23rd and 24th March

Sponsors and Supporters: The work we carry out is only made possible by the fantastic contributions from our wonderful Sponsors and Supporters. Here’s what they have been up to this month...

Bad Wolf:

This month, Bad Wolf welcomed a new member to the Wolf Pack! Emma O’Bank joined the team as their new ‘Creative and Commercial Affairs Executive’. Emma will work alongside Jane Tranter, CEO and Dan McCulloch, Director of Content as she will work with new writers and directors with an eye to developing returning original series.

We at SAW are looking forward to working with you, Emma!

Red Eye has received great reviews from ‘Broadcast’ as they describe the upcoming Bad Wolf Thriller as ‘hugely bingeable, fast-moving, edge-of-the-seat, cat-and-mouse drama’. The official release date of the series has yet to be announced, but we’re very excited to see Richard Armitage (plays Dr Matthew Noble) on his journey on the red-eye flight.

Read the full article here

Emma Obank announced as 'Creative and Commercial Affairs Executive' in Variety
Bad Wolf series 'Red Eye' reviewed on Broadcast.


4Wood, one of the UK’s leading set construction companies, has announced that they have secured space in Birmingham’s Digbeth Loc. Studios. This new regional base makes them the first set specialists in the facility and one of the first production service businesses.

Digbeth Loc. Studios is a major new studio development in Birmingham. Conceived by Peaky Blinder’s creator Steven Knight, it offers 4Wood a unique location in the heart of the UK to continue their expansion. Their goal is to accelerate growth by offering their expert skillset and knowledge to productions based at Digbeth, alongside taking advantage of a convenient location for productions across the region.

4Wood’s HQ is located in Cardiff where they have been based since they were established in 2005. Since then, they have expanded to build sets for television and film productions throughout the UK. They were behind the sets for the BBC’s Doctor Who 60th anniversary episodes, including the new Tardis - lauded by both fans and the critics.

James Thorne, Creative Director, 4Wood said: “Our growth plan includes training new specialists in the art of set construction, creating local employment opportunities for Digbeth Loc.’s community.”

4Wood will be announcing the details of their first open evening for the local community in the coming weeks. In the meantime, trades people in carpentry, metal work, decorators, model making, sculpture and CNC are encouraged to get in touch. Alongside anyone who is exploring new training opportunities and is interested in a career in set construction. Please send your details to [email protected].

Graham Webb and James North, 4WOOD

Real SFX:

We are incredibly excited to be launching our new sustainable workwear initiative KIT4CREW. KIT4CREW is aimed to recycle unwanted or unused workwear on set and make it accessible to crew that need it - whether it's someone starting out in the industry, or on a tight budget. We need studios and productions on board to donate excess or unused jackets, thermal clothing, and other workwear items. The official launch will be at the end of March, and if anyone would like to be part of this or wants more information please contact [email protected] Alongside this we are also very proud to be partnering with the Film & TV Charity, ensuring we support our industry in every way possible. Today's challenges are ever-changing and the provisions they offer are so important - we will do all we can to raise awareness and reinforce their messages.


S4C have announced their exciting project ‘Anti-Racist Wales 2030 Film Competition’ which will allow school children across Wales to create a 90 second film that promotes the importance of being anti-racist in Wales.

It's an excellent way to use their creativity, and to learn about a very important topic.

Click here to find out more!

Sgil Cymru:

CRIW ar agor ar gyfer 2024! CRIW open for 2024!

Mae Sgil Cymru yn hynod falch unwaith eto o gyhoeddi CRIW, Rhaglen Brentisiaeth unigryw ar gyfer 2024, sy’n agored i’r rhai sy’n awyddus i weithio y tu ôl i’r llenni ar gynyrchiadau ffilm a theledu sylweddol yn Ne Cymru. Bydd yr ymgeiswyr llwyddiannus yn ennill profiad ymarferol o weithio ar set, yma yng Nghymru. Crëwyd y Rhaglen Brentisiaeth hon i adlewyrchu natur ddeinamig, hyblyg gwaith llawrydd – curiad calon y diwydiant.

Darllenwch mwy ac ymgeisiwch yma.

Applications are now open once again for CRIW in south Wales!!

Sgil Cymru is once again thrilled to announce that applications are open for CRIW (Welsh for ‘Crew’), a game-changing 12 month Apprenticeship Programme for 2024, open to those who are keen to work behind-the-scenes on exciting and major film and TV productions – in south Wales. Successful applicants will gain hands-on experience of roles on-set, right here in Wales. This Apprenticeship Programme has been created to reflect the dynamic, flexible nature of freelance work that is the heartbeat of the industry.

Read more and apply here.


Cawsom ni noson lwyddiannus dros ben yng Ngwobrau Prentisiaeth Coleg Caerdydd a’r Fro 2024! Enillodd cyn-brentisiaid Sgil Cymru a hefyd un o’n hyfforddwyr yn y categorïau canlynol: Enillodd Nadine Roberts, Pennaeth Hyfforddiant, ‘Gwobr Ymarferydd Dysgu Seiliedig ar Waith’ y flwyddyn.  Enillodd Morgan Parry, Cyn-Brentis CRIW Sgil Cymru 2021-22, ‘Gwobr Cymraeg’ y flwyddyn ac enillodd Will Hougham, Cyn-Brentis Sgil Cymru/Real SFX 2019-20, ‘Gwobr Diwydiannau Creadigol’ ac hefyd ‘Gwobr Brentis Nodedig y Flwyddyn’! Llongyfarchiadau enfawr i’r tri buddugol!


We had a very successful evening at the Cardiff and Vale College Apprenticeship Awards 2024! Two of our previous apprentices won awards as well as one of the Sgil Cymru team. They won in the following categories: Nadine Roberts, Head of Training won ‘Work Based Learning Practitioner of the Year Award’ category.  Morgan Parry, CRIW Sgil Cymru 2021-22 Past Apprentice won the ‘Welsh Award’ category. Will Hougham, Sgil Cymru/Real SFX 2019-20 Past Apprentice, won ‘Creative Industries Award’ and ‘Outstanding Apprentice of the Year Award’. Congratulations to the three winners!

PRODUCING TRUTH: For UK documentary feature producers

Open Call for Mid-Level Producers

This programme is supported by the ScreenSkills Film Skills Fund with contributions from UK film productions, and will be delivered by BFI Doc Society Fund, Docs Ireland, Scottish Documentary Institute, and Screen Alliance Wales.

In association with our delivery partners, we are excited to launch Producing Truths, a programme focused on building core production and business skills, confidence and a support network for independent producers working on documentaries outside of commercial structures. Participants will benefit from a programme tailored to the distinct challenges of developing, funding and distributing independent nonfiction cinema today, delivered by a consortium of industry leading partners.

This opportunity is open to up to twelve mid-level producers based in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and English regions outside of London. Producers should have completed at least one feature length film as the lead producer.

The programme will run from 13th May till the start of July and involve weekly online sessions plus in-person attendance at the Docs Ireland market in June.If you have any questions regarding the programme, feel free to email [email protected]

Applications close on 22nd March

Learn more and apply here:

Y 3 enillwyr, Nadine Roberts, Will Hougham a Morgan Parry -- The 3 winners Nadine Roberts, Will Hougham and Morgan Parry
Sue Jeffries, Rheolwr Gyfarwyddwyr Sgil Cymru, gyda Will Hougham --- Sue Jeffries, Sgil Cymru’s Managing Director, with Will Hougham

Elin Glyn Jones – Prentis y Flwyddyn Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol 2024

Pleser enfawr yw llongyfarch Elin Glyn Jones a enillodd ‘Prentis y Flwyddyn Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol’ yng Ngwobrau Prentisiaethau 2024 Grwp Llandrillo Menai! Mae Elin wrth ei bodd yn gweithio fel golygydd ar y gyfres nesa o Gogglebocs gyda Chwarel yng Nghriccieth.  

Elin Glyn Jones – Apprentice of the Year Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol 2024

It’s a huge pleasure to congratulate Elin Glyn Jones who won ‘Apprentice of the Year Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol’ in the Llandrillo Menai Group Apprentice Awards 2024 during February! Elin is currently working as an editor on the next series of Gogglebox with Chwarel, in Criccieth.

Elin gyda’i Gwobr 2024 / Elin with her 2024 Award

Introducing ‘Vidya’

This month, we launched the exciting news of the latest team member, Vidya.

Vidya is here to help us create our learning platforms in as many languages as possible! Across Wales, 90 different languages are spoken in our schools, and we love the idea of those whose first languages may not be English or Welsh, to learn and enjoy our resources in their native tongue.

If you hear your language being spoken or have a suggestion of a language for Vidya to learn- then do let us know!

Check out the video for Vidya's launch!

Vidya's launch video

Screen Alliance Wales Nomination

This month, the SAW Team headed down to London to attend the Production Guild of Great Britain’s’ Talent Showcase’.

We, alongside 5 other talented groups were nominated for the ‘Duke of Edinburgh Film and TV Inclusion Award’, although we didn’t take home the win, it was an honour to be recognised for our work. We’d like to congratulate ‘Million Youth Media’ for their win, and for the outstanding work they have achieved.

As a finalist for the DoE Award, we were pleased to meet HRH himself and introduce him to Screen Alliance Wales.

A massive congratulations to the other nominees for their amazing contribution to inclusivity within the TV and Film Sector!

Access All Areas Productions, Access VFX, Georgette Turner and Resource Productions.

HRH Duke Of Edinburgh and Allison Dowzell

Screen 4 Schools

Screen 4 School, Sprint Term is off with a bang! Our Screen 4 Schools events are partnered with Channel 4, Cardiff Commitment and University of South Wales.

It’s the biggest session we’ve done yet, and we are so thrilled to see the students enjoying!

The Summer Screen4Schools workshops are now currently open, if you’d like your class to get involved, then make sure to get in touch!

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date on all the latest news and vacancies.

Twitter (X): @ScreenAllianceW

Instagram, Facebook & TikTok: @ScreenAllianceWales

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