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Welcome the Wolf Pack

At Screen Alliance Wales, we are thrilled to announce that, with funding from Bad Wolf and Sony Pictures Television, we have been able to increase our Screen Alliance Wales team with the addition of four brand new Wolf Pack Trainees. We recognise how important it is that we welcome members of the local communities surrounding Wolf Studios Wales to the studios and so we created the new Wolf Pack scheme. We wanted to offer those who may not have considered a career in the Film and TV industry before, or those who are still seeking out their niche, the opportunity to explore a range of departments and companies within the industry.

We welcomed our two brilliant trainees, Zelo and Nenet, to the SAW family and they have spent their first month meeting people, networking and learning all about different areas of the industry from construction to casting and from the art department to editing to publicity. During that time they have been able to visit four other studios, thanks to Hannah and Abi at the BBC, Gareth at Dragon Studios, Jeff at Great Point Seren and Rebecca at Urban Myth. They have also been lucky enough to spend time with Boom Cymru, Gorilla Post-Production and Maddog Casting.

After a fantastic month with us, which has included them launching our new Tik Tok channel, they are now ready to go on their next placements - Zelo with Maddog Casting and Nenet with Urban Myth. We wish them both all the luck in the world and we know they will do fantastically well!

We were also able to offer Hammy a traineeship in the Graphics department and Salma a traineeship with the Camera team as they both already know where they want to be and where their careers are going. In addition to this, Ashley, one of the other Wolf Pack candidates, was snapped up by our production colleagues after his successful interview and he now a Sound Trainee on another Bad Wolf series!

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped give them a fantastic month so far. We are also extremely grateful to both Bad Wolf and Sony Pictures Television for generously providing Screen Alliance Wales with the funding to allow us to offer all these amazing opportunities for Hammy, Salma, Nenet and Zelo. We are so happy to be able to help start what we know will be fantastic careers for them all!

Zelo, Hammy, Salma and Nenet outside Wolf Studios Wales

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