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Allison and Sarah travel to Bergen, Norway - start of article

Allison and Sarah travel to Bergen, Norway

Recently, Allison and Sarah had the honour of being invited by the Bergen Chamber of Commerce to share insights into the growth of the Welsh film and TV sector, with a particular focus on Cardiff which is twinned with Bergen.

The event, attended by representatives from the business, banking, and Film and TV communities, provided a unique platform to draw parallels between Cardiff and Bergen, both cities boasting similar populations.

Allison and Sarah were also given the opportunity to host a workshop in the afternoon, where they highlighted Wales as a remarkable filming location, celebrated for its diverse, versatile landscapes, support structure from Creative Wales, local crews and facilities.

In addition to showcasing Wales as a prime filming destination, they also highlighted the work of Screen Alliance Wales' Education and Training project during an insightful workshop. This project aims to further develop the skills and expertise within the industry, contributing to the overall growth and sustainability of the sector.

SAW would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Bergen Chamber of Commerce for extending their warm invitation and hosting Allison and Sarah with exceptional hospitality. Bergen is undeniably a beautiful place, and SAW are grateful for the opportunity to share their experiences and insights with the vibrant community there.

As SAW continues to strengthen ties with their international counterparts, they look forward to future collaborations and the continued growth of the film and TV industry in both Wales and Bergen.

Takk Bergen!

Allison Dowzell on a panel with Meghan Beaton, Head of the National Film Commission, Siv Wangsmo and Maria Ekerhovd, Mer Film
Sarah O'Keefe presenting a workshop
Ragnhild and Espen from Bergen Chamber wearing their SAW Merch!
Sarah and Allison in Bergen

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