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New Actor’s Agency ‘Somebody’ Launches

To meet demand from the growing industry in Wales, a progressive new actor’s agency 'Somebody' has launched, representing remarkable actors and commercial talent in London, Cardiff, North of England, and Scotland. Somebody is the home of emerging and established talent and will provide Casting Directors with some of the very best actors the UK has to offer.

Somebody has been founded by the creators of one of the UK's market leading background agencies Mad Dog 2020 Casting. So, whilst the agency has been launched in 2021 our experience has been around for much longer. The team behind Somebody have careers spanning over 40 years in the Television and Film Industry.

“Somebody was founded to pioneer a new style of representation for actors and artists. Born out of our passion and experience in background casting, Somebody is a progressive agency that believe in giving agency to actors.  We do not see ourselves as sculptors or masters of careers but believe in working alongside our talent, to take their careers wherever they want to go.  Somebody will work with Casting Directors to ensure we reflect accurate representation, diversity and inclusivity that contributes to today’s society.”

Jess Harding, Senior Agent – London

Somebody’s launch has taken the online approach, launching its vibrant website and social media channels along with the hashtag #imwithsomebody.  With offices based in both London and Cardiff, Somebody has the facility to host auditions and lend its space to Casting Directors if required.

For inquiries or more information, please contact:

Jess HARDING, Somebody, Senior Agent - London Telephone 02031503635

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