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May Newsletter

Welcome to Screen Alliance Wales May Newsletter:

After another busy month here at SAW, we are pleased to bring you another round up of all our news and updates.

Firstly, if you haven’t done so already, we would like to encourage you to create a profile on our website (here). This is an incredible place to showcase any credits, skills, and links to previous work. It also keeps you up to date with all vacancies that we advertise and automatically signs you up to our newsletter. If you already have an account on our directory, do make sure to keep all your details updated with you most up to date information.


As always, we would like to start off by highlighting all the opportunities that are currently available over on our vacancies page. This is regularly updated, so make sure to keep checking the page on our website here. With more roles available before, now is such a great time to explore the varied roles that are on offer to join the booming Film and TV industry in Wales.

The following vacancies are available on our website:

Bad Wolf is currently seeking: Assistant Production Manager (Maternity Cover)

BBC Extend are currently seeking:

-Tour Guide

-Assistant Editor: Growth

-Newyddidurwr- Cymru Fyw a Newyddion Radio Cymru

-Ymchwilydd Radio Cymru

Sgil Cymru are seeking Mentor (One Stop Shop)

Wales Millennium Centre are seeking:


-Casual Stage Door Receptionist

-Casual Stage Technician

Gems Agency are seeking a Junior Agent

Havoc Film Ltd are seeking:

Location Manager

Production Coordinator

BBC Studios are seeking:

Factual Entertainment (PDx2)

Factual Entertainment (Researchers x2)

Screen Alliance Wales are seeking Factual Entertainment/Unscripted Talent Senior Level

Sponsors and Supporters:The work we carry out is only made possible by the fantastic contributions from our wonderful Sponsors and Supporters. Here’s what they have been up to this month...

Bad Wolf:

Big news from Bad Wolf this month, as they’ve been quite the success in this year’s NTA Nominations.

With Doctor Who and Red Eye received 3 nominations each. Doctor Who is up for ‘Returning Drama’ and Red Eye for ‘New Drama’, and the wonderful talents of Jing Lusi (Red Eye), Richard Armitage (Red Eye), David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Ncuti Gatwa (Doctor Who) all being nominated for ‘Drama Performance’.

Wishing you all the best of luck!

4 episodes of Doctor Who hit BBC iPlayer and Disney+ this month, and we can’t get enough! Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson travel through time and space to some iconic points in time, including Abbey Road and beautiful Wales, even if we are biased on the last one.

Each episode is premiered on Saturday evening on BBC iPlayer so make sure to watch!

The anticipated trailer for the new series Dope Girls landed and we can’t cope! Check out the trailer here.

The new series will be coming to BBC iPlayer soon!

Big news for Wolf Studios Wales as they received ‘Very Good’ in this year’s ALBERT Sustainability report, taking joint 2nd highest score amongst the large 29 studios that took part! Well done everyone!

Doctor Who and Red Eye Nominations at NTA
Drama Performance Nominations for Doctor Who and Red Eye

Facilities by ADF:

What Facilities by ADF can offer #HETV & #Film productions.

⏰We are a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week operation.

👩‍💻 Provide productions with experienced Account Managers; one point of contact to look after your every need.

✨High level of customer services delivered by a team of friendly, experienced HOD’s, Base Teams out on location.

🚛Fleet of over 700 vehicles luxury location contemporary designed facility vehicles.

🚍Fully compliant American Artist Trailers with IVA approval certification & MOT’s.

👮‍♂️Full driver compliance, by law the HGV Drivers must take 3 x 11 hour and 2 x 9 hour continuous breaks between shifts, this excludes Base Attendants from being able to drive HGV vehicles, so we only use Swing Drivers to carry out unit base moves, keeping all our production within the law and compliant

👩‍🔧Our experienced teams are based at our head office in Bridgend (Wales) and Operational Base in Longcross (London), with regional depots at Pioneers Studios (Glasgow), Great Point Seren Stiwdios (Cardiff), Sharp Project (Manchester), Digbeth Loc. Studios (Birmingham) and Pinewood Studios (Slough) which can enable further reduction of your scope 3 emissions for productions.

🔋Facilities by ADF are committed to providing productions with clean energy solutions. We offer a range of hybrid, battery power stores & data reporting that will reduce productions fuel usage and CO2 emissions. Minimising environmental impact and maximise production efficiency.

♻️In collaboration with LOCATION ONE LTD we have developed EcoBase, which is an industry first. This innovative solution is set to redefine Unit Base operations. EcoBase is designed to provide production teams with an Eco-Friendly Unit Base that embraces resource conservation, waste reduction, renewable power integration, and sustainable water supply and wastewater treatments.

🌏Facilities by ADF and LOCATION ONE LTD has created a range of greater opportunities, operational benefits, and reduced costs for our customers. The synergies created by this enlarged business is advantageous to productions as we can supply both facility vehicles, as well as fulfilling location supply requirements serviced from our 7 x regional branches across the UK.

💷As an immediate benefit of our unique offering, when productions engage with both Facilities by ADF and LOCATION ONE LTD as their main provider they can benefit from a joint discount.



4Wood, one of the UK’s leading set construction companies, has reshaped its operational model to better meet the needs of modern TV & film production. Following 18 months of investment, training and team restructuring in their Cardiff HQ, 4Wood has completed the evolution which will allow them to manage set construction projects to reflect the facilities, budget and sustainability requirements of today’s productions.

With budgets under pressure, productions are minimising the time allocated for pre-production on stages, workshops and locations. To support this, 4Wood has upgraded its workshop space to allow them to construct sets almost to completion before being transported to stages and locations for the final fit. With this change, the team has been reshaped to place less emphasis on location-based project leads and instead have workshop-based project managers, overseen by 4Wood’s Creative Director.

Graham Webb, Managing Director, 4Wood said: “We’re all enjoying our new way of working. It means that all our craftspeople have access to the technology and equipment in our workshop for almost the entirety of construction – it’s an environment totally in our control. Our brilliant Creative Director, James, now has even closer oversight on every project. Plus, we’ve worked hard to find local, more sustainable suppliers and materials. We want to preserve that benefit by minimising transportation of materials. This change has facilitated that.”

To help support more sustainable productions, 4Wood’s workshop improvements included investment in new space for set storage. Typically sets or, parts of sets, are often discarded, particularly following pilots or first series. By offering secure set storage, these can be preserved whilst a recommission is considered.

4Wood’s operational changes have been phased in over the last 18 months and have included some of their work on recent productions including: BBC’s Doctor Who 60th anniversary episodes the BBC’s forthcoming Lost Boys and Fairies, Paramount + hit A Gentleman in Moscow, series three of Outlaws due to be released at the end of the month and the current series of Malory Towers. 4Wood were also behind some of the sets from Amazon’s highly anticipated My Lady Jane.

Alongside their HQ in Cardiff, 4Wood recently announced that they had taken space in Digbeth Loc. Studios with plans to mirror their operational model in this space.

Sgil Cymru

PRENTISIAETH CRIW yn y De 24/25  Roeddem yn hynod gyffrous i groesawu 8 Prentis CRIW newydd 2024-25, ar ddiwedd mis Mai.  Mae’r 8 wyneb newydd yn cychwyn ar eu taith 12 mis gyda ni yn Great Point Seren Stiwdios gyda raddau amrywiol o brofiad yn y diwydiant, ond i gyd gyda’r brwdfrydedd disgwyliedig ar ddechrau eu hantur.

Cysylltwch â Sgil Cymru ar 07843 779870 neu [email protected] am fwy o wybodaeth a/neu CVs a sgwrs!

CRIW in the South APPRENTICESHIP 24/25 We were enormously excited to welcome the 8 new CRIW Apprentices for 2024-25, at the end of May.  The 8 new faces start their 12-month journey with us at Great Point Seren Studios with varying degrees of experience in the industry, but all with the expected enthusiasm at the start of their adventure.  

Please contact Sgil Cymru on 07843 779870  or [email protected] for more information and/or CVs and a chat! DYDDIAD CAU NEWYDD I CRIW YN Y GOGLEDD

Newyddion da i’r rheiny na chafodd siawns i ymgeisio ar gyfer CRIW yn y Gogledd – mae’r dyddiad cau wedi cael ei ymestyn hyd nes y 10fed o Fehefin!!

Hoffech chi weithio yn y diwydiant ffilm a theledu yng Ngogledd Cymru?! Er bydd cyfleoedd i weithio mewn amrywiaeth o adrannau – rydym yn enwedig yn chwilio am brentisiaid sy’n awyddus i weithio yn yr adran gwisgoedd y flwyddyn yma. 

Peidiwch â cholli allan ar y cyfle arbennig yma!

Darllenwch mwy am y brentisiaeth ac ymgeisiwch YMA.


Good news for those who didn’t get a chance to apply for CRIW in North Wales – the deadline has been extended until the 10th of June!! 

Would you like to work in the film and television industry in North Wales?! 

Although there will be opportunities to work in a variety of departments – we are particularly looking for apprentices who are keen to work in the costume department this year.

Don’t miss out on this brilliant opportunity!

Read more about the apprenticeship and apply HERE

Mae Sgil Cymru yn chwilio am Fentor Abennigol i weithio ar brosiect newydd a chyffrous.  Gweler manylion y prosiect yma 

Mae’r swydd hon yn un llawn amser a gall fod ar delerau llawrydd neu fel aelod o staff ar PAYE. Yn ddibynnol ar hyn, telir rhwng £30,000 a £35,000 y flwyddyn. Gall y swydd hon ddechrau mor fuan ag y bod modd, a bydd y cytundeb hwn yn parhau hyd y 31ain o Fawrth 2026.

Am sgwrs cyn ymgeisio, neu i ymgeisio, cysylltwch a [email protected] gan gynnwys eich CV cyfredol.

Siop Un Stop – One Stop Shop: Clwstwr Sgiliau BFI i Gymru, yn chwilio am Fentor

Mae Sgil Cymru yn chwilio am Fentor Abennigol i weithio ar brosiect newydd a chyffrous.  Gweler manylion y prosiect yma 

Mae’r swydd hon yn un llawn amser a gall fod ar delerau llawrydd neu fel aelod o staff ar PAYE. Yn ddibynnol ar hyn, telir rhwng £30,000 a £35,000 y flwyddyn. Gall y swydd hon ddechrau mor fuan ag y bod modd, a bydd y cytundeb hwn yn parhau hyd y 31ain o Fawrth 2026.

Am sgwrs cyn ymgeisio, neu i ymgeisio, cysylltwch a [email protected] gan gynnwys eich CV cyfredol.

Siop Un Stop – One Stop Shop: BFI Skills Cluster for Wales, is looking for a Mentor

Sgil Cymru is looking for a Specialist Mentor to work on a new and exciting project.

Please see details of the project here.

This job is offered on a full-time basis and may be on freelance terms or as a member of staff on PAYE. Dependent on this, the salary will be between £30,000 and £35,000 per year. This job can start as soon as possible, and the contract will run until the 31st of March 2026.

For a conversation before you apply, or to apply for the job, please contact [email protected] attaching your current CV.

Real SFX:

Exciting News from Real SFX

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website! Designed to provide a seamless user experience, our new site showcases our latest projects, services, and innovations in the world of special effects.

Visit us at to explore our work and stay updated with the latest news and developments.

KIT4CREW update:

We recently launched our KIT4CREW, which is designed to support crew in need across the industry with essential workwear - those starting out in the industry or on a tight budget. Thanks to numerous generous donations, our stock inventory is growing steadily, and we encourage any crew members in need of workwear to get in touch with us to access the available stock and make use of this sustainable initiative.

If you work at any of these locations, you can conveniently make your donations there (or access any stock there) Alternatively, donations can be dropped off directly at Real SFX HQ. We are expanding our drop-off points, so stay tuned for more locations coming soon

-Wolf Studios, Cardiff

-4Wood, Cardiff

-BBC Roath Lock Studios, Cardiff

-Dragon Studios, Bridgend

-SGIL Cymru (Great Point Studios), Cardiff

-The Bottle Yard Studios, Bristol

-TBY2, Bristol

Need Workwear? Crew members in need of the right workwear items can reach out to us at [email protected] to access the stock. We are here to support you with all the essentials for your work on set.

Goodbye to our Trainees:

A bitter-sweet moment for us here at SAW this month, as we waved goodbye to our latest cohort of trainees as well as our previous trainees, currently progressing in their careers. It’s a proud moment for us to see the progression that each trainee has done over the months.

They will all be missed, but we know that the future is very bright.

Trainee's on their celebration evening

Cardiff Bay Warriors End the Season:

The boys in blue finished up the season with their final game against Cogan Coronation AFC drawing at 2-2. The boys finished strong with 40Points for the season.

As always, the boys are doing a brilliant job, we’re looking forward to what they get up to next!

Cardiff Bay Warriors Final Game of The Season
Cardiff Bay Warriors V Cogan Coronation AFC

Saturday at Butetown Pavilion

Rhys and Sarah had a brilliant time at Butetown Pavilion this week, focusing on career pathways throughout the industry, showing those who attended hands-on workshops with camera equipment and green screen.

Alongside the team at Foundation 4 Sports Coaching, we were honoured to show the young people how exciting the world of TV and Film can be! It really was great to see them all exploring their creativity.

Thank you all for inviting us along!

Attendees getting creative with Green Screen
Rhys and Sarah at Butetown Pavilion

Mount Stuart Primary Premiere:

The Mount Stuart Primary School ‘Those Who Believe’ premiered this month, and we were honoured to be invited. The Year 6 pupils did a fabulous job creating this animation, alongside our Rhys Bebb. The film follows an epic story of twins on their journey across Iran to find treasure, that only those who believe can see.

The First Minister Vaughn Gething had a starring role in the animation, and even made it to the special evening.

Vaughan Gething, Rhys Bebb and Mount Stuart Primary Students and Staff
Premiere of 'Those Who Believe'

Pen Y Bryn Visits the Classroom:

To celebrate their latest Film Skills Project ‘Back to The Future: Return to The Eighties’ and their upcoming project ‘Star Wars: Knight Must Fall’ the Film Skills team headed down to our classroom for an educational visit with us.

We had so much fun doing a camera and green screen workshop, where the students were able to place themselves anywhere in the world!

Pen y Bryn outside SAW Classroom
Pen Y Bryn Film Skills Students testing out Green Screen

Praveen takes home the win at It’s My Shout Awards!

Sarah headed to the It’s My Shout Awards this month, a great evening of celebrating all the nominees for their hard work throughout their time on production.

A special mention to our trainee Praveen who won Best Sound Assistant at this year’s awards. We are very proud of the journey he has taken over the past year! A very bright future ahead.

Praveen on Stage Accepting his Sound Assistant Award

USW MA Films tour Great Point Seren Studios:

The USW MA Film students joined us at Great Point Seren Studios for a tour of the facilities including Sunbelt Rentals and Dragon DI.

Andy from Sunbelt Rentals gave the opportunity for the students to learn how to set up kit and to practice their gearhead set up.

Paul and Owen from Dragon DI demonstrated their work from discovering film restoration and colour grading.

We had such a great day showing the students the wonders of a TV Studio as well as what facilities like SunBelt Rentals and Dragon DI do!

USW MA Students in Dragon DI
USW MA Students in Sunbelt Rentals
USW MA Film Students outside Great Point Seren Studios

Doctor Who Season 1 Outreach

With Season 1 of Doctor Who hitting our screens this month, we were proud to announce the outreach we were able to achieve with the support of Bad Wolf, Sony and The Doctor Who team. The cast and crew have created an epic series, well done all!

Rhys heads to Eisteddfod yr Urdd

Rhys has been having fun this month up in Maldwyn for Eisteddfod yr Urdd where he spent the week showing the attendees all the wonderful parts of creating TV and Films.

From creating soundtracks to animation, he’s been able to get the young people excited about Film and Television.

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date on all the latest news and vacancies.

Twitter (X): @ScreenAllianceW

Instagram, Facebook & TikTok: @ScreenAllianceWales

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