The Film and TV Charity

The Film and TV Charity

We’re the charity working behind the scenes of the film and television industry in the UK. From research to writing, through casting and production, to editing, sales, distribution and exhibition, we support the lives of everyone involved. Our friendly team is practical and caring, with an understanding of the day-to-day issues. We lend a listening ear and talk confidentially on our 24/7Film and TV Support Line. Together, we shine a light on the highs and the lows of this extraordinary industry, helping people to smash their career goals and fulfil their potential. #WeAreFilmandTV.


Our support services and programmes


The Film and TV Support Line0800 054 00 00

  • The Support Line is a free, 24/7, independent and confidential helpline open to everyone working behind the scenes in the film, TV and cinema industry, whatever stage of your career you’re at. The service can provide guidance on issues including bullying and harassment, debt, depression and legal issues, and is also just a listening ear if you need to talk to someone.





Our current financial aid and talent development programmes


Open to individuals from anywhere in the UK with at least 2 years’ industry experience in any behind-the-camera role.


Annual Awards


  • John Brabourne Awards

Biannual talent development award. Deadlines – 31st January and 31st July. Apply for award of up to £5,000. Supports talent development that includes:


  • Production and development funding
  • Post production and festival distribution
  • Living and travel expenses
  • Course and tuition fees
  • Equipment

Awards are made to individuals rather than teams, projects or organisations. Funding cannot be provided retrospectively.


Contact: Mark Clark, Talent Development Manager,


Open Funds (applications accepted year-round)


  • Support

Provides rapid access to funds to cover day-to-day living costs and unexpected expenses. The charity typically provides short-term support to cover a wide range of issues including debt, rent and white goods. Financial support does not usually cover course fees or equipment.

Contact: to access our financial support in the first instance you should call the Support Line 0800 054 00 00 who will be able to guide you on the best person to speak to.

  • Family Support Fund

In partnership with Raising Films, supports parents and carers. The Fund aims to provide short-term support to individuals or families to bridge a period of reduced income, rather than to provide financial support for long periods.

  • Going Places

Supports individuals to travel outside of their home region to seek work, upskill or build their professional networks. Awards cover travel, accommodation and other related costs and are offered on a fast-turnaround basis, reflecting the short notice at which opportunities often arise.

  • Open Horizons

Now in its second year, Open Horizons is an initiative which gives selected earlier career industry professionals throughout the UK sustained bespoke support over a period of nine months to develop contacts, gain work experience and develop a wider understanding of progress routes within the industry. It is run by Northern Film + Media through their NFM Academy, with the support of the Film & Television Charity.

For the Family Support Fund, Going Places and Open Horizons, contact: Rupert Jones-Lee, Programme Manager,


The Film and TV Charity is changing. We are currently conducting ground-breaking research into the wellbeing and mental health of those working behind the scenes in our industry – The Looking Glass. To keep up to date follow us on social media @FilmTVCharity and follow the links to sign up to our mailing list.