It’s time to strip away the mystery of working in the film and TV industry. A broad range of skills are required for every production – from accountants to prop makers, costume designers to set decorators. The Screen Alliance Wales training project aims to provide inspiration and focus for all people who want to develop knowledge, skills and contacts to prepare them for careers in the film and TV industry


What better way to learn about working in the film and TV industry than to be part of a real-world production? On-the-job workplace experience helps to train and develop homegrown talent. Training opportunities are offered for entry-level trainees. For most, it will be their first step towards building a career in the creative industries.


We want people from all over Wales to have the opportunity to work in the film and TV industry. Every year, our work experience initiative gives hundreds of people the chance to develop skills they have that are relevant to the film and television industry and gain valuable professional experience.


Developing partners in this industry is essential to create supportive pathways for individuals who aspire to work in film and television production in Wales. The SAW Network is a hub that ensures other Welsh education and training initiatives work collaboratively.

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