Data Management Fundamentals - FREE SESSION
Gorilla Academy & Media Cymru
Tuesday 30 July 2024
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Professional Development
About this event

Data management is the key component of any production.   It involves the collection, organisation, storage and retrieval of data in order to ensure a successful project.   Data management not only helps streamline the filmmaking process, but also helps to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Having built up years of expertise supported by one of the largest post-production facilities in Wales and the South West, Gorilla Academy has been able to identify and list some of the pitfalls in data management and put together clear guidelines that could benefit the Welsh screen sector with their tapeless workflow.

DATA MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS might not sound like an exciting way to spend 3+ hours of your life, but data management is an important role and responsibility, collecting and organising raw footage and other data, which is essentially the beating heart of your programme.  Lose it and you have nothing, no project, nada - so it is critical to catalogue and store data in the correct way both for ease of access and speed of retrieval.

Our ambition is, to create a streamlined approach to data management across the Welsh screen sector, to help improve efficiency and collaboration, avoid sleepless nights, make financial savings, and speed up the filmmaking process when it reaches us in post.

During this 3.5 hour, in-person session, Gorilla Academy’s expert trainer, Paul Hawke-Williams, will help you to identify, what you need to store, as well as estimate how much data you’re going to be generating per production, along with a walk through the workflows commonly used.  We’ll also put this information in perspective in relation to those data-driven roles and responsibilities and how to progress your career.

We’ll be covering the technicalities of file storage, hard drives and why speed really does matter, long term storage, naming parameter, working with external companies (post-production company, dubbing etc.) and easy ways to move data around outside of your company.

Finally, we look at cost savings, security and the all-important green agenda.

Brief course outline:

  • What is Media Management – what do we need to look after
  • What technology did we used to use? What are the historic workflows you may be used to
  • What we do now – the kit and the connectivity
  • What are the basics of file organisation
  • How can we find, move, sync and share our content
  • What security issues do we need to be aware of and how to we mitigate them
  • What is the cost of holding so much data? Can it be local or Cloud? Benefits and drawbacks?
  • Short Term and long-term storage requirements
  • Can we make it greener?

So come and join us for this unique training opportunity and discover the true value of good data management, with the Gorilla Academy, part of one of the UK’s biggest post-production facilities.


We ask that you ensure, you can commit to one of the following training dates:

  • Monday 22nd July 2024, 1300-1700, Cardiff
    Gloworks, Porth Teigr Way, CF10 4GA
  • Tuesday 23rd July, 1300-1700, Carmarthen
    Yr Egin, College Road, SA31 3EG
  • Monday 29th July, 1300-1700, Aberystwyth
    The National Library of Wales, Ceredigion, SY23 3BU
  • Tuesday 30th July, 1300-1700, Bangor
    Storiel, Ffordd Gwynedd, Gwyned, LL57 1DT


Storiel, Ffordd Gwynedd, Gwyned, LL57 1DT