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The Beacons Project - With Jack Thorne - start of article

The Beacons Project - With Jack Thorne

The Beacons Project - Jack Thorne

SAW are proud to announce that we are now able to share this exciting and informative discussion between our very own Rhys Bebb and, BAFTA, Olivier and Tony award-winning screenwriter and playwright, Jack Thorne. The film, which was made especially for the Hay Festival, delves into the twists, turns, trials and tribulations that come with adapting much loved novels for the silver screen.  The pair look particularly at our favourite: Bad Wolf's adaptation of Phillip Pullman's "His Dark Materials". 

Jack Thorne
Rhys Bebb

You can watch the film by clicking here or by visiting the Hay Festival’s website. The film itself is 45 minutes long but has been broken down into four areas.


Chapter 1. Discussing the difference between media

Chapter 2. How to decide on themes and narratives for the adaption

Chapter 3. The process of developing characters and dialogue

Chapter 4. Other considerations for the adaption process.

Screen Alliance Wales would like to say massive thanks to our very kind supporters. Firstly, to Bad Wolf for helping to make this happen and then to Gorilla, for the fantastic post production work they did to piece this film together for us.

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