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Getting back out there

Here at Screen Alliance Wales, we are pleased to be able to support smaller projects taking place around Wales. Our first example is Sied Tun.

Live theatre, live audiences. Committed to writing, performing & producing innovative Theatre in Rural Wales because we believe that talent appears in the most surprising of places.

Sied Tun. Sied Tun is a central hub which facilitates creative things to happen, a space where ideas can be devised & developed. We are also a collective of Artists & performers, musicians & makers who, by collaboration and commitment, are able to produce astonishingly innovative grass roots Theatre, right here in rural Wales.

Wales` smallest touring revolve! We have built Wales` smallest touring revolving stage & set, with which we have the ability to take a small show and perform in almost any location, off grid and totally sustainable. We believe this unique venue can operate safely even under strict social distancing guidelines to give a realistic chance of getting live Theatre back to audiences.

Sied Tun is also a fully equipped Theatre workshop & dedicated design space. In addition to several graduates from UWTSD we also have established industry professionals whose rich and varied experience we can call upon to help design, build and scenic paint sets & installations. We are self funding, everything needed to get to this point has come from our hard work and our passion to see our artform not only survive, but to evolve and prosper; to find its place in `The new` with a skilled, vaulable and confident contribution.

`What`s on at the Sied`?

`The Projectionist` A development script exploring the tale of a retired projectionist who tries to adapt to a world where he has lost both his vocation and his soul mate. The layering of music with a cinematic backdrop allows us to escape to a genteel and sometimes complex interpretation of love and relationships.

`Cages` Cages is the first in a series of visual and musical experimental explorations. Without relying on a connected narrative, the focus remains centralised with the musical and visual elements.

For more details, contact Ian Carling on 07721368081 or [email protected]

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