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Helping Dress Medics

At Screen Alliance Wales, we rely on the studio productions so much to help us because we cannot do our work without them: whether they are taking on SAW trainees and work shadowing placements or giving demonstrations and talks for our tours, the team involved in making `His Dark Material’ cannot do enough for us. It is always really sad to see them leave but this time, because of the current situation, it was extra sad. That is why, we are so excited to see the costume team, CFX and the Art Department coming together again but instead of making Mrs Coulter’s beautiful clothes, or her evil monkey puppet, or even the alethiometer, this time they are doing something even more important and extraordinary. They are now making scrubs and Personal Protective Equipment for those healthcare professionals who need them to protect themselves in the fight against the corona virus. The initial idea came from Dulcie Scott, the Costume Supervisor on HDM, as she wanted to help one nurse in her local village. After this, both the idea and the team grew and the makers from `His Dark Materials’ were joined by makers from other productions around the U.K such as Batman, Sex Education and Poldark. With the support of Bad Wolf and people like Philip Pullman, Jack Thorne and Hugh Bonneville, the funding took off and they team have now raised a staggering £50,000. As Dulcie mentioned in her recent interview for the BBC, the teams around the country have already managed “to provide 6500 scrubs so far” to places like the Royal Gwent Hospital and the Marie Curie Hospice with orders for several other hospitals on their way. The Creature Effects team from HDM soon got in touch with SAW about their idea to help and the Art Department were already on board too and so now, as well as making scrubs, they are able to use the money raised to 3D print protective visors for NHS staff. Eliot Gibbins, the Creature FX Workshop manager from HDM said the only question in his mind was, “How can I help individuals as quickly as possible?” and this is certainly something he is doing. Michael van Kesteren, the Prop Designer behind the alethiometer, has already delivered 50 protective visors to the University Hospital of Wales and said that “printing things that could potentially save a a duty.” All these talented makers and designers are currently not working as the Film and TV industry is a freelance industry so instead of making TV for us to watch or being at home watching it themselves, they decided to put their skills into doing something extremely worthwhile and we at SAW are unbelievably proud of all of them! Well done, team HDM! (His Dark Materials always but for now Helping Dress Medics!)

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