Welcome to the Wolf Pack

Last month, Screen Alliance Wales were lucky enough to welcome not one, not two but three Year 5 classes from Ysgol Treganna to Wolf Studios Wales!

Over three mornings, 90 of the local school’s lovely pupils came to the studio for a Set Design Workshop and a tour of the sets of `His Dark Materials’ Series 2.

After signing a promise to say they would keep our secrets (even if someone tried to bribe them with lots of sweets!), all the students were allowed VIP access to the studios.  They were able to visit some of the fantastic sets we have here and get some tips for their own designs when they were to become Production Designers for the morning.   

They were lucky enough to see how each set comes to life from start to finish and speak to some of the people who make the magic happen! 

Back in the classroom, they got to put all the knowledge they had learned on the tour into practice by creating their own fabulous designs.  We definitely think we will see some of these hardworking creative pupils working here in 10 years’ time designing some actual TV sets for us!  Diolch yn fawr iawn pawb!