Since Wolf Studios Wales’ inception, the receptionist desk has become the gateway to a promising career within the Television industry. This is best encapsulated by the journeys of two of our very own receptionists who, after a very short time, have moved from the front desk into exciting jobs within Wolf Studios Wales.

Toby was one of the studio's first receptionists before becoming a Post-Production Assistant on the long-awaited television series, `His Dark Materials’. Toby, who is originally from Caerphilly, has always had a profound interest in television and film which led him to work with Metrodome Distribution before studying in the prestigious European Film College in Denmark. On his return to Wales, Toby started work at Wolf Studios Wales and, within a couple of months, he had impressed everyone with his motivation and ambition. It was no surprise when Toby secured his current position in Post-Production.  

After Toby’s promotion, Bethan took on the receptionist role.  Bethan had already had a colourful background in the performing arts. She studied at the historical Itali Conti Academy before embarking on an award-winning career in comedy. Bethan's skills went beyond comedy and her natural aptitude in the production environment became apparent when she worked as a line producer for 'It's My Shout'. Her aptitude within this role was what led her to obtain the job in Wolf Studios Wales.  After five months, it was clear that her invaluable skills made her the perfect candidate to join the Screen Alliance Wales team.

The Wolf Studios Wales’ receptionist job has earned itself a reputation as a brilliant opportunity to progress with a high rate of promotion. It has attracted people from all walks of life who have gone on to vastly different, but equally amazing, jobs within the industry. There is no doubt that our two receptionists, and the receptionists who follow, including our new recruit, Zia, will find success in their respective career paths.