Spotlight On Sponsors


At Screen Alliance Wales, we’re incredibly proud of all our sponsors and we think it’s time to shine some light on their brilliant work.

This month, we’re turning the spotlight on one of the UK's largest and most experienced camera and grip rental companies, MovieTech.




MovieTech Cymru

Managing Director

John Buckley


Branch Manager, Pinewood Wales

Katy Kardasz




MovieTech offers a complete range of cameras, lenses and grips to offer creative choices to film-makers of all types. In combination with experience and in-house expertise, they have been serving the film-making community for over 25 years.


Company founders, John Buckley and John Venables, both began their careers as engineers. Working together at Samuelson Film Services, and later at Joe Dunton Cameras, they perfected their craft which would see them set us eventually set up their globally successful business, MovieTech.

MovieTech Cymru, based in Pinewood Studios, was created specifically to support the growing number of local and international Productions shooting in Cardiff, South Wales and beyond. Providing film makers with access to one of Europe's most diverse and expansive equipment ranges, Movietech Cymru delivers the service and support of an international market leader right to your doorstep.


As well as sponsoring us, MovieTech are also really supportive when it comes to our Education Project. In July 2018, Usk Primary School visited Screen Alliance Wales, after shooting their very own horror films as part of their ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ project. Katy Kardasz was on hand to lead the workshop and tell pupils about her very own life behind the lens. Katy explained how to use cameras, booms and monitors to get the perfect shot and encouraged the children to use their new skills whilst filming interviews in their groups. The students absolutely loved it and we think we spotted a few stars of the future!

Find contact details, product information and meet the team here.