High Fives for Hijinx

This year, Screen Alliance Wales has had the privilege of getting to know some of the fantastic actors from Hijinx Theatre Company.  The South Academy’s first visit to Wolf Studios Wales was in March when they all came for a day’s training with us to see what happens behind the scenes of TV.  All the actors in Hijnx are very accomplished in front of the camera but we wanted to show them a bit more about what happens behind the lens.

In the morning, Geraint Thomas from the VFX Department at the University of South Wales, treated the actors to a Green Screen Workshop and gave them an insight into the history of Visual Effects in film from as early as the 1920s!  Geraint then gave the group an opportunity to show off their acting skills by `beaming them up’!  Luckily, it was just VFX so we still held onto them for the studio tour!

When they visited, the sets for `His Dark Materials’ were in the very early stages so Joel Collins, the Production Designer, explained what his vision was and invited the group back to check on the progress in the future.

After their tour, armed with some insider knowledge of how to design sets, the actors got to try out their own design ideas when they took part in their Set Design Workshops.  However, they did have a bit of an added challenge – they are actors after all!  Each design needed to take into account the camera angles that would need to be achieved to get the best shot of the actors.  Even with this extra task, they produced some fabulous sets and every one of them allowed for the perfect shot to be captured!

Kindly accepting the invitation to come back and visit from Joel, the South Academy returned to the studios recently and got to see his vision realised and all the hard work from all the different departments involved.  They were suitably impressed and thought everyone had done a brilliant job creating the ideas they learned about 5 months before!

They also so got to create their own animations in an Animation Workshop and did a great job of bringing `His Dark Materials’ to our screens a little earlier than planned!

Screen Alliance Wales were also lucky enough to visit another of Hijnx’s Academies in Aberystwyth to deliver another Animation Workshop.  They may be amazing actors but we think we spotted a few budding animators, directors and model makers as well!

We can’t wait to visit the Academy in Carmarthen and welcome back Academy South for another visit to the studios in September.  Thanks for working with us, Hijinx – it has been a pleasure.  We look forward to more visits and more fun in the future!