Ffilm Cymru Change Awards

As the industry continues to re-start, there are still opportunities out there for support the sector in Wales. Our friends over at Ffilm Cymru have just issued their latest call for applications to their new company support programme - the Change Awards:



By following the link above, you can see that the call is open to screen-based production companies that can demonstrate a track-record in film and have a long-form production (tv, film, interactive or game) readying to advance into production within the next 6-months.  


Companies can apply for up to £40k, which takes the form of an interest free loan with a 12 month repayment holiday from final draw-down of funds.  


The money can be used flexibly according to the companies' needs, e.g. covering legal/business affairs/accounting/rescheduling or rebudgeting costs as a result of covid; safety related costs; or more broadly increasing capacity to diversify the exploitation of IP, for example.  Successful applicants will have an obligation to hire a trainee and at-least 3 freelancers/sole-traders/sole-directors of service companies - to push out the financial benefits to individuals that have often been unable to access government support.

If this applies to you, hopefully this will help mitigate the challenges that 2020 has thrown at us.