Croeso/Welcome Zia

Zia has recently joined Wolf Studios as a receptionist. Throughout her budding career, Zia’s ambition has always been to work for a place whose ethos she admires. It is for this reason that she has aspired to be a part of Wolf Studios ever since she heard of the SAW’s (Screen Alliance Wales) mission to promote and support new and emerging talent in partnership with Wolf Studios.

Zia’s passion for the television industry was a very recent revelation. She had always loved film and TV but didn’t realise getting into it was a possibility. In school she always thought she wanted to go to university and, after getting four A’s at A-level, it was the expectation. However, after realising that getting into television was not as impossible as she first believed, she decided to rebel against the prescribed route of university and pursue a career in television instead.

Despite her teachers and peers dismissing the creative industries as an unobtainable dream, Zia spent two years of her life working in all aspects of production, from the early days of script development, to the set of After Life, to the 4Talent team in Channel 4. She affirms it was the best decision she has ever made and one that lead her to work for a studio she says is ‘the most welcoming, supportive, and exciting place I have ever worked.’

Welcome to the family Zia!