Production Guidance in managing the risk of Coronavirus from SAW

We at Screen Alliance Wales are now already two months into the Coronavirus lockdown, and in truth we currently do not know when restrictions will lift. However, as of last week (the 18th of May) guidance has been issue about how the TV industry can re-start.

The blueprint is:

“intended as a high-level framework to provide guidance and support for the

effective assessment and management of Coronavirus (COVID-19) risk in TV production. This

should be read in conjunction with general guidance provided by the government about

management of Coronavirus (COVID-19) risks in workplaces.


Under this guidance, Producers will need to:

  • complete suitable and sufficient risk assessment about Coronavirus (COVID-19) risks for their activities,
  • record how they are managing significant Coronavirus (COVID-19) risks in a COVID-19 risk assessment document,
  • engage with their workforce (and any trade union and/ or employee representatives) with this process (providing information to employees about how they will keep people safe, prior to the commencement of production),
  • displaying information on compliance with government guidance in workplaces in the form prescribed in government guidance,
  • put together information to assure others (including Commissioners) that appropriate assessments have been completed, publishing this information on their website wherever possible, particularly if they have more than 50 employees.


Commissioning Broadcasters will also need to engage with Producers around how COVID-19 risks are assessed and can be managed as certain measures and restrictions will impact both the cost of production and the content itself.

This guidance provides background information and risk assessment guidance for TV production which includes detail on both basic requirements and key areas to consider and controls. The latest government guidance and information can be found on the GOV.UK website.”


Hopefully this will see us able to re-start production in a safe manner in the not too distant future.