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Do you remember the 3rd day of September? - start of article

Do you remember the 3rd day of September?

For us at Screen Alliance Wales, it was a very special day: it was the day we were able to surprise our friends at Hijinx with a visit from our very own Lee Scoresby, Lin Manuel-Miranda! We often welcome the talented actors from Hijinx to Wolf Studios Wales for workshops and tours so, for them, this was just a normal visit. We started the day with a daemon workshop where they all made their very own daemons. This was no easy task as they had to think about what aspects of their personality their chosen animal would represent. We had everything from a shy seal to a fearsome lion to a proud parrot. Just as they were coming to the end of their workshop (or so they thought!) and they were about to present their daemons they had the added pressure of two very special visitors: Lin Manuel-Miranda and Jane Tranter, founder of Bad Wolf. The shock on the actors’ faces was a delight to see – and there may have even been a few screams! Ever the professionals, Hijinx did not buckle under the pressure and they explained the designs of each of their daemons in detail much to the delight of Jane and Lin. Lin’s daemon, Hester, was also present and (thanks to the puppeteer, Emily) nodded along on agreement. After their job was done, it was now Lin’s turn to be `grilled’ and the actors were able to ask him some questions about what it is like to be an actor in the Film and TV Industry and they even shared their love of Musical Theatre. After gaining some invaluable tips and tricks from Lin, there was time for a quick picture before they waved goodbye to him. What a wonderful day it was and one we are not likely to forget any time soon! Thank you everyone involved for making it such a great day.

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